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42d Reunions

My father says that he never heard Grandpa talk about the war other than to say that he was a mule skinner. But he did attend at least one reunion in 1939. I have some materials from that reunion.

My dad also said that Grandpa was a member of the Dyer J. Bird American Legion post and that he could remember seeing mail that had come from the "Dyer J. Bird American Legion" post.

A.D. Boyd received a post card, mailed July 5th, 1919 from Carlisle, PA.:

Dear Friend,
   I am OK. Hope you are well. Write to me. I wrote you once but got no answer. My address is,
U.S. Genl. hospital-31
Carlisle, PA
Your old pal
Scap Iron.

So who was "Scrap Iron" - apparently an injured comrade in the Army hospital in Carlisle?

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