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Me and Cars

I've been interested in cars since I can remember

Spent my summers playing "trucks and cars" for hours. I've been in love with trucks ever since.

I've worked on cars as a side line.
I've helped friends with cars.
I've worked on cars for fun.
I've repaired cars on vacation.
I've done major repairs on cars.
I've been a NASCAR fan.
My love of cars influenced who my friends are - many of them are car guys.
At the same time, I don't consider myself "a car guy". I don't collect cars (although I did try that a couple of times)

Any idea what the significance of this location is ( Latitude: N41 45.66' , Longitude: W88 52.64')? Hint, it is related to cars. (the answer)

A little bit about how this affliction has manifest itself in my life.
An article about my father's cars (its hereditary!)
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