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I've created this web site in part because of my Grandpa Mosher. When I was 14 or 15, I painted my Grandpa's house (we actually refered to it as Grandma's house, but Grandpa lived there too). During my lunch breaks and any other break I took, I sat and talked with Grandpa, or I should say, I listened to Grandpa tell stories about growing up. He was 90 or nearly so. He had lived in horse and buggy days, and lived to see man go to the moon. He had lots of great stories about his family, and things he did while growing up. I've forgotten more of them than I remember, but I do remember some.

Another inspiration for this Web site was Col. Jeff Cooper. He had a Web site with his commentaries on it. They were always interesting. I read a comment of his something to the effect, that when you die, if its not written down, it didn't happen. So, I'm writing it down, 'cause it did happen.

So, this web site is sort of my way of telling stories about my life and my family. I'm not much of a talker, but I do appreciate my family history, and hope that a grandson or daughter, or great grandson or daughter will find some interest in it (and that you might too!)

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