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About Me (Mark Boyd)

Its not all about me, but I thought you might want to know something about the guy who put this web site together.

I'm a pro-gun, pro-life, born again Christian, heterosexual. I wanted to put that in my high school class reunion booklet and Connie (my wonderful wife) told me she would not go with me if I did. We did go. So I got revenge and put it on my Web page.

I'm a member of the Pleasant High School class of '73 and created a forum for other members to join. No one has though.

I work for IBM (over 40 years - it just seems like 100).
I have a wonderful family - Connie, my wife, John, Laura, and Alex are my children (I love them so much). People have told me I look like (click to see who).

I am:

My IBM Career

I started as a product engineer in Lexington, KY, and after two years, requested to be moved to Facilities Engineering. IBM did it.
I did that for 8 years, and then IBM came up with a "Redeployment" program where they would transfer scientists and engineers to the sales force, put them through a year of training, and keep them at the same job level. In the process, you could move to just about any place you wanted to move to. I was ready to leave IBM so that I could move back to Ohio, and after being an engineer for 10 years, I knew I could do that sucussefully and was ready for a new challenge. So the redeployment program was a perfect match and I moved to Mansfield, Ohio, half way between my folks and Connie's folks.

I've been in sales ever since (19 years now), in various positions, selling various products. Its wasn't an easy move from engineering to sales, but I'm glad I did it (I had never dreamed I'd be a sales person). (See IBM Stories for some of recollections about IBM.)

Do you have the answer to life's greatest two questions?